Premium Pressure Clean High pressure wash roof service

Roof Pressure Washing

Covering Greater Geelong to Colac

A cost effective way to add value to your property is simply to give the external walls, windows, guttering and roof a clean. On most occasions our clients are gob smacked just how clean the exterior of their homes come up after we give them a high pressure wash.

One of our services includes roof cleaning. Our specialty roof cleaning pressure washing service is high pressure cleaning tin, zinc and colourbond roofing, in any condition removing all contaminants that make your roof look unsightly and uninviting. Our process doesn’t include the use of any chemicals what so ever. We only use water at high pressure with our industry leading top of the range pressure washers that will remove all the unwanted dirt and filth as well as linchen, moss and algae. Not only does our process remove these, but it also inhibits there re growth as we kill the left over spoors within all the nooks and crannies of your roof.

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It makes sense that if your roof is kept consistently clean then it will extend the life of your roof. Your roof is no place for inexperienced people either. A roof is a dangerous enough place without adding water and high pressure cleaning equipment to the mix. We have years of experience cleaning roofs in Geelong, The Surfcoast, Bellarine Peninsula and Melbourne areas. If you want the best result possible then get in touch with us today.

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We also offer additional house cleaning services such as window cleaning services, house washing and exterior cleaning and also our very popular concrete sealing service.