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High Pressure Washing Graffiti Removal Service

For the last two decades graffiti vandalism has become a very expensive problem which plagues local councils, local businesses and also local residents who find themselves the victims of such senseless and expensive vandalism.

Graffiti removal is best achieved shortly after the paint has been applied to the surface. Of course the more porous the surface, the more difficult it will be to remove. This is why rapid graffiti removal is necessary for obtaining the best results and also deterring future acts of similar vandalism. Of course the same is true for front fences that have been attacked with a can of spray paint, or business premises that have been defaced in similar attacks. The sooner you get a professional graffiti removal company such as Premium Pressure Clean to come and remove and restore the painted surface, the better the result.

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We only use environmentally safe bio degradable chemicals with our commercial grade high pressure washers.

In our experience offenders who deface public and personal property with graffiti rarely return to a site that is constantly monitored and cleaned promptly after graffiti has been applied. The use of graffiti, or tags, is like a status symbol for the offenders. If the tag or graffiti is removed promptly them the offender obviously loses the recognition they are after. If you have an area which is constantly defaced using graffiti then ask us what measures are available for protecting your property from future attacks.

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