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Extend The Life Of Your Decking

Timber decks and patios are a very popular and expensive addition to your family home. Therefore it makes sense to have your outside entertaining deck or patio routinely maintained by having it pressure cleaned periodically. Like all wood surfaces they have to be correctly maintained and sealed effectively to gain the most from your decking or patio area. Given most timber decks are exposed to the harsh Aussie climate it is imperative that it is cleaned on a regular basis.

If you fail to look after your timber decking then over time it lose its natural color and turn grey. This is caused by all the elements it will be subject to such as sunlight, mould, algae, mud, human traffic and rain. Because the timber deck hasn’t been adequately maintained it will begin to dry out and splinter which then allows all those elements we just spoke about to penetrate the decking. Not only that, but standing on those splinters is no fun at all.

All this can be prevented however with the use of a professional grade sealer. The most important part of sealing your deck correctly is in the preparation. Your deck needs to be clear of all dirt, dust, mold, mildew and anything else that stop the sealer from penetrating your decking. This is where our professional deck cleaning services can assist. Our high pressure deck cleaning will rid your decking of all these elements giving you the best chance of a superior result. We have many happy clients here in Geelong and Melbourne, especially along the Surfcoast in Torquay, Anglesea and Lorne where the timber decking has the added element of the salty sea air.

To prolong the life of your newly stained decking you should also have a professional deck cleaning service such as ours, thoroughly clean your decking with our commercial grade pressure washer. We only use environmentally friendly bio-degradable chemicals so it isn’t harmful to kids, pets or plants.

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We also offer additional house cleaning services such as concrete driveway pressure washing and cleaning and paver cleaning. Our graffiti removal pressure washing service is also a specialty of ours.