• High Pressure Graffiti Removal In Geelong

  • Graffiti Removal From Vandalised Brick Wall In Geelong

    After 3 high pressure washing attempts this brick wall which was graffiti vandalised in Geelong was returned to its former glory. The owner of this industrial property who contacted me, was extremely happy and relieved to have their brick wall returned to its original condition after vandals using spray paint graffiti it.

    High Pressure Graffiti Removal from brick wall in Geelong before image

    High Pressure Graffiti Removal from brick wall in Geelong after image

    Graffiti Removal In Geelong

    These old bricks are very porous and tend to soak in any types of paints and outside liquids. Being able to high pressure clean graffiti vandalism in Geelong like this needs to be done as soon as possible to gain the best results

    I wase able to restore this brick wall which was vandalised by graffiti in Geelong because the owner acted quickly.

    If you are the unfortunate victim of graffiti in Geelong and surrounding suburbs then please don’t hesitate to call me, Greg Carroll, 0400 550 432 or drop me a message on our contact page.